As Woody Allen said, 80% of Life Is Just Showing Up

I wrote a proposal for a local community TedX talk in a nearby suburb.  I get 2 minutes to “audition” to see if the town will select me to be one of a dozen presenters.  I made the first cut from 40 to 20 so I’m halfway there.

So here’s my audition – what do you think?  Would you attend this talk if this happened in your town?

TED Audition:

As Woody Allen said, 80% of life is just showing up.  How do we show up for those who live closest to us?  Do we know our neighbors by name?  Do they know they can count on us if something happens?  In our age of individuality and self-reliance, WILL they ask us for help when they need it?

One of my neighbors Laura is in her 70s and lives alone.  When Laura had cataract surgery two years ago, she didn’t feel like eating much for several days afterwards.  Her neighbor Archana took her soup and kept a watchful eye on her.  One Saturday evening, Archana had plans and asked me to take Laura soup for dinner.  I called Laura to establish a convenient time to drop off the soup.  When Laura didn’t answer her door, I left it on the doorstep and then checked later to make sure the soup had been taken in – it had been.  However, Laura didn’t answer her door or her phone on Sunday, despite numerous attempts to reach her. 

Worried by Monday morning, I called the police.  They  climbed onto Laura’s deck and looked through her kitchen window to find her lying on the floor.  They broke down her front door to gain access to her home and an ambulance took her to a nearby hospital.  Laura was diagnosed with pneumonia – she had fallen and was too weak to stand on her own or reach the phone when the police found her.

I’d hate to think what might have happened if Laura hadn’t been on our radar.

What if neighbors in your city all showed up for each other like that?  How do we get there?


Wish me luck!  🙂  Today, the Twin Cities Transplant Meetup has 19 volunteers making dinner to drop off to a shelter for homeless teens.  Guess you could say we’re showing up today too!  




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